First Boot Camp Workout

Like I told you in yesterdays post Steph and I bought a living social deal for 10 Boot Camp classes at a local gym.

It was no joke. When we first got there we had to sign our life away… literally. They had areas on the releases we had to sign that said if we died they weren’t responsible. haha. That should’ve been our first clue.

We started with a warm up that consisted of high knees, butt kicks, things like that.

Then the circuit began…

First you do 20 pushups. Ok that was easy.

Then you do box jumps. Where you start on one side then one of your feet go on top of the box then that one goes to the floor and the other one goes on top. 15 of those.

Next, these awful pull up things. You lie pretty close to the ground with just your feet on there and you pull your body up. They killed.

Then right after that we had to go to the wall throw a ball in the air against the wall and as it came down do a squat. Well I couldn’t even pick up the ball after the pull up thing so this was pretty much a lost cause. So after a few I just did the rest as regular squats.

Next you have to push a smaller version of the things that football players push but without the pads and everything from one end of the room and then back again.

Then you go to a weight and do squats.

Well once again now my arms were sore… as well as my legs. GREAT!

We also had to do some lunges somewhere in there.

and then for a cool down it was run a “small” loop outside. Really this small loop was probably a half mile.

Then you come back and do it all over again. As many times until about 10 till. I think I went through the circuit three times. That was enough! haha.

When everyone got back we did some ab workouts and then some stretching and the hour was up.

I was happy it was over and I could barely walk and I was so sore I didn’t feel like moving the rest of the night.

Today my arms and my shoulders/backs hurt the most. I’m excited to do the class again. I think it is what I need to switch my workout up a bit but I know the second I walk into that building I will hate it again. haha. The trainer was really nice though. She pushed you and if you weren’t doing something right she would let you know. It wasn’t like one of those mean trainers that would laugh at you cause you sucked at life.

9 more classes to go! They also gave us a free bootcamp workout to give to one of our friends. Steph and I are going to give them to Joe and Eric make them feel the pain we had to go through! haha. Then maybe they will understand why we were crying and still am. haha.

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