What I ate Tuesday

So today I’m going to do what I ate Tuesday… well because this is probably the first day I took a picture of everything I ate… so far that is.

For breakfast I had a Sandwich thin with peanut butter and bananas on top. It filled me up for a long time.

Then I sat on the couch and blogged and planned our whole Disney trip. It is going to be here so soon. Anyone want to take us to the airport? We have to leave at 3:30 AM… I know don’t all jump up at once. While I was doing that I looked down beside me and found this.

I guess that is why Harleyyy was behaving so much while I was on the computer.. haha. whoops!

Then I did some things around the house until about 1 pm. I decided to go to CVS and get the pictures from yesterday printed and go to the gym and the dollar store. I did an hour on the eliptical reading Health Magazine. I wasn’t a big fan of the magazine. I was done with it in like 25 minutes. It just didn’t have that many things that I could relate to in it. Then I came home and had lunch.

A turkey and cheese sandwich and strawberries with whipped cream.
and on the side…

Huge cup of Coffee. It was still steaming here.

Then I did some wash, cleaned up around the house, things like that.
By the time I was done with all that stuff Eric was home. So we gave Harleyyy a bath. Always fun there.

such a good boy.

This is where he goes crazy to try and dry himself off. OhHarleyyyBear

It was 4:30 and that means Steph was on her way and we were headed to Boot Camp. We bought the deal at a local gym off of living social. Lets just say it kicked my BUTT! I seriously can’t move as i’m sitting on the couch typing this. My whole body is dead. I’ll go into everything we did in another post but it was CRAZY! It was good and something I need right now to get me moving since I’ve been kinda bummin it at the gym lately but it sucked.

After that Steph and I decided to get FroYo and I got the biggest thing I have ever gotten.

This would be my dinner. haha. It was exactly what I needed though after a day filled with workouts and one that kicked my butt. I’ll probably have some strawberries tonight before bed just to get some good stuff in my body… but that fro yo did have bananas strawberries and bananas on it.. so healthy right?

The rest of the night I plan on sitting on this couch and not moving with the biff next to me.
and maybeee another blog update.. if you guys are lucky! (:

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