Sushi and Phillies

What a pair for my title huh?

Yesterday I drove for more than 5 hours and every minute was worth it.

My trip started with Steph and I meeting Lynda half way for some sushi and girl time
Of course the original place we wanted to go to was closed. So we packed Lynda in my car and went to the next one.

None of us were impressed. I got a Philadelphia Roll and another one that was an odd combination.
But a Sushi lunch is never a bad idea.
Then we sat and talked more before heading back. It was a successful lunch date! (:

On the way back Steph and I stopped at Target so she could get some coffee and I could get a Phillies shirt.

Then I came home for like 20 minutes and Eric was home to start our trip to Philly!
The Philadelphia Phillies vs. The Pittsburgh Pirates
The trip was filled with traffic… of course but we finally got there around 5:15.

Since it was a Preseason game they had some fun things to do.

When we first walked in the door this guy was sitting there signing autographs

Ricky Bottalico.
Wikipedia says this about him: is a former right-handed relief pitcher in Major League Baseball. He compiled a career earned run average of 3.99 over twelve major league seasons, during which he pitched for several teams, including the Philadelphia Phillies, St. Louis Cardinals, Kansas City Royals, Arizona Diamondbacks, New York Mets, and Milwaukee Brewers. In his prime, Bottalico threw a fastball in the upper 90s, along with a hard curveball. Bottalico also was the only Phillies player on the National League team in the 1996 All-Star Game, held in Philadelphia, pitching one inning.

Just if you wanted some information. (:

We continued to walk around and stopped at one of the stores selling clothing.

I of course got a Brown shirt and Eric a Thome.
As we continued our walk around we saw these guys.

Juan Pierre. Eric talked to him.

John Mayberry Jr.

Then we got a picture with the World Series Trophy…

No Big Deal or anything.

I snatched this sweet picture of Eric sometime throughout the night.

Then it was time for food and beers.
While Eric was in line I got him a bud light and me a bud light lime.

Eric got crab fries from Chickies and Petes and a Cheesesteak

I got Chicken Tenders and French Fries.

Our seats were way up high and it was freezing. The wind was going crazyyy.

Pretty sweet though. I liked how you could see the whole place.

It started to get dark… and colder.

Nothin like the City of Brotherly Love.

Then Thome got up to bat.

Welcome Home… with a K. haha.

Then they started taking out the good guys…. Which led to pictures like this…

Soooo many layers.
After the 6th inning we called it a night.

Eric pointing at our sweet seats.

We headed home… Eric fell asleep… The Phillies ended up winning and I got home just in time to watch News 8 at 11. (addicted.. I know, but when Jim Sinkovitz is anchoring how can you not watch right? Like on News 8 at 6 and 11 on the weekends (: )

It was the perfect Saturday… for once one day of my weekend actually felt like a weekend.


I got a relaxing/workout day planned today. Don’t tell me how that makes sense haha but it does. Keep your eyes out for posts later today! (:

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2 Responses to Sushi and Phillies

  1. I did a Phillies search and found this post. I’m very jealous of your day! I’m out of the country and will sadly only make it to one game this year in June. I can’t wait for Opening Day on Thursday and GO PHILS!

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