Season Opener

Sorry for being so MIA yesterday… I didn’t really have much time to blog because…. It was the first day of Eric’s softball leagues starting! (He is in 3… plus tournaments)

There he is on first! # 11

Lets back up:
We woke up extremely early to get ready and head to Sheetz for breakfast (I’m pretty sure this is going to be an every weekend thing when he has games)
I got my favorite breakfast :

Peanut Butter filled doughnut with Chocolate icing on top. Yum… and a coffee.

Eric was excited…

So was Harleyyy… always wanting to be the center of attention.

Erics team lost… But he went 2-2 with 2 walks. So that is good at least.
We hung out after his game and watched a couple of others while I sipped on hot chocolate and ate a hot dog.

Eric and Harleyyy had some bonding time

He was teaching him about the game. Another cute picture.

Then we came home and moved some more of Eric’s stuff over. I still don’t think he is finished. I took a nap and then it was off to work.

When I was at work Eric sent me a text that showed this:

That is a wine bottle filled with change. (: We have only been able to do this once before. Eric’s delivering helped quite a lot with filling it. Now we have to count it and take it to the bank for our vacation to Florida. That is only a few weeks away now! (:

I was soooo happy when it was 11:30:04PM and it was the start of my weekend. I have great things planned today and no workout! (:

I’m going to the grocery store. I’ll update you on my foods this week then.
Then Steph and I are meeting up to drive halfway to meet Lynda for lunch. (: So exciting.
Then I’m heading back here to get ready to head to PHILADELPHIA! To use one of Eric’s Birthday Gifts that I got him! Here is a hint:

Happy Saturday to all!

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