Eric’s Birthday Dinner

First things first… we are not the lucky winner of the Millions of Dollars from Mega Millions… Boo!

Yesterday I woke up and got ready for work. Ate a Sandwich Thin with PB, a Banana and some Honey on top.

With a huge cup of coffee of course. Then it was off to work. Where I decided to chow down on everything in sight… half a Philly Soft Pretzel, some apple bread thing, my lunch consisted of a chicken drum left over, then some ice cream and a granola bar. haha. Oh well. At work I called and made reservations to the Macaroni Grill. I told them the person I was bringing is celebrating a birthday to try and get them to sing and embarrass him. haha. 
Then work was over and I headed home to get ready for dinner.

Once we sat down… Eric was talking about some things and then he goes… you didn’t tell them it was my birthday did you? **Caught**. Of course I said no with a smirk on my face.

The Drinks:

White Z for me… Bud Light for Eric

A loaf of bread

Stuffed Mushrooms that we chowed down to fast to take a picture.

Eric created his own pasta… chicken, shrimp, broccoli, tomatoes, and alfredo sauce.  

I got the roasted shrimp flatbread. It was about 2′ long. Eric ate some and lets just say we have tons of leftovers haha.

 Then it was time for dessert. They asked Eric if he wanted the chocolate cake and they didn’t sing. SO LAME! oh well. I guess I ate 3/4 of the cake anyways so it was more like my birthday! (: 


Then we headed to Giant and got a movie from RedBox. They have been giving out save 50 cent codes the past couple of weekends which is nice.  Eric wanted to watch Final Destination 5. So we got that and some more losing Mega Million Tickets. I fell asleep during the movie haha. Sorry babe. 

This morning Eric had to work 8 hours at his job. Boo. So I’m gonna head to the gym… go to his work and have lunch with him… then go to work myself. Happy Birthday! haha.

Hope you guys have a happy rainy saturday! 


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