Cornflake Chicken

This morning I woke up and blogged. Then ate what used to be my usual breakfast.

1 Egg with Grape Jelly and a Sandwich Thin.
Then I headed to the gym. I did 20 minutes on the eliptical before doing some machines, abs, and then finishing on the treadmill using another pbfingers workout. It was kind of like the one yesterday. You ran on an incline of 1 the whole time… which actually takes a whole lot out of you! I was surprised.

You would do 1 minute on 4.5 incline 1.. then move to 8.. then to 4.5.. then to 8… then to 4.5… then to 8.5… then to 4.5… then to 8.5.. then to 4.5.. then to 9… then to 4.5… etc. I did it for about 12 minutes one minute each. I never usually put my speeds that high. It is like a 6:30 mile.. at incline 1… one word: sweat.

I came home and drank some coffee, while happy feet 2 played in the background, and I read some blogs. I didn’t really watch too much of happy feet. Once Noon hit I watched the news while making some Cornflake Chicken that I got from the Eat Now, Eat Later event.

I combined a can of evaporated milk with two egg whites

Then dipped the chicken into this and then a bag filled with Cornflakes.

It looked good already. Then I put it in the oven at 375 degrees for 45 minutes.

Look at all that chicken! This obviously is going to last us awhile.
While that was cooking I had some coffee cake as a snack

Once it was finished I had some chicken for lunch.

A drum and half of an apple with ricotta cheese, cinnamon, and honey on top.
The chicken was pretty good I was surprised how much the cornflakes actually brought to the flavoring. I’d make it again. It is a good healthy substitute for breadcrumbs. The apple creation I have seen on a lot of healthy living blogs that I read and I always wanted to try it but was kinda skeptic since you were putting ricotta cheese on top of an apple haha but it was actually really good. What you see here will also be my dinner. With a granola bar for a snack and two peanut butter oreos to finish off the day.

Erics probably happy he has dinner tonight, I’ve been kinda slackin the past two days haha.

Oh and the song of the day… “Not over you” by Gavin Degraw… I love that song and I just downloaded it today considering I just found out last night who sang it lol. I’m probably gonna play it out soon.

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