California Tortilla

Yesterday I woke up and hit the gym on a mission. To do some new exercises.

I started with just one set of PBFingers Super Sweaty 30 Minute Treadmill Workout.
Let me tell you just one set of it made me sweat.
You start by walking on speed 4 on an incline of 8 for 5 minutes. then for two minutes you run at 8 on a 1 incline, then back down to speed 4.5 for 2 minutes. Now comes one of the sprints. For one minute you run at speed 9. then 4.5 for a minute. and then for just 30 seconds at speed 10. (That was a killer, I have never set my treadmill to go that fast) then back to 4.5 for 30 seconds… 8 for 2 and 4.5 for 2. Then I was done haha.

After that I decided to do some new free weights that I found from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life’s Blog from the other day. She posted 7 moves for shredded shoulders. I added some sets of Front Raises, Lateral Raises, Shoulder Rotations, and Front Deltoid Press. I combined them with some of the ones I do when I do arms. I finished with some leg exercises and then 15 minutes on the eliptical. Overall I was satisfied with the trip.

When I came home I ate some more coffee cake and some coffee before getting ready to go to California Tortilla’s Grand Opening. I got an email the night before saying at 11 am they were giving everyone free burritos and the first 20 people got free burritos for a year. When we got there at like 10:40 Grimm and I realized we were not the first 20 lol.

We didn’t actually have to wait in line that long though once they actually opened.
Inside they had one of those cool soda machines where you can try like 150 different kinds.

I wanted to play with it but I guess since it was a really busy day they had someone doing it to keep things flowing. I got the Fajita Burrito without guac.

Look how big that sucker is… Obviously I only ate half.

Eric got to eat the other half for dinner since I didn’t really have time to make anything. Yum.

Then I made Grimm take me to Petco to get Harleyyy an Easter outfit.

They didn’t really have any shirts that were “springy” for boys. so I got him bunny ears too just to make it. Once I saw the latch underneath it I figured maybe we will be able to keep them on his head. haha.

Then I had a meeting at work and produced the 11pm. Starting next week and probably for a month I will be producing 7 shows a week. I’ll take it!

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