Tour of Lancaster

I didn’t get a chance to blog about my day yesterday and it was a good one.

I woke up without an alarm… which really is never good for my workout haha because I end up just laying in bed. Once I got out I tried a second shot at making those Quinoa Pancakes

Haha… Obviously the second time didn’t look as appetizing either… but it was just as good and this time I used almond milk instead of fat free.

Since I wasn’t really feeling like working out today I texted Grimm to see if he wanted to go on an adventure… and an adventure it was to say the least haha. I was looking at the geocaching site and found one around Lancaster.

What we had to do was type the coordinates into my phone find out where it was and then at each of the 13 stops they would have something for you to do. Like the first one was at

The Thai place on Queen street. So the thing we had to do was take the street number from the restaurant and then subtract it by like 336 and then you take that number and at the end you use all 13 numbers to come up with a new location and that is where the geocache is supposed to be located. I’ll take you on a tour of all the places we went to. Oh, and to make this a workout we decided to run to them all. So it was a fun/get your mind off of running workout.
The second place was

Rachel’s. That wasn’t a long run at all.

Spyro Gyro

Both of these locations on the corner

The Bakery

La Cocina

Annie Bailey’s

The Rendevous

This Restaurant

The Fork and Spoon Cafe

This restaurant

Lancaster Dispensing Company and the last place…

Lancaster Central Market. It was cool that we did this on a Tuesday cause Central Market was open.

Then we plugged our answer into the final code and we were wrong. haha. go figure. So good thing they had a hint area that once you figured out the code you could get the answer.

We then plugged it into the GPS and went to the location… well we couldn’t find the geocache. haha. so we went to the onion for lunch instead. We both got Roast Beef Sandwiches which were so good. They had so much meat and that was the first time I was ever there. So even though we didn’t find the prize at the end… which was the whole reason we did it. We got a workout and got to travel around downtown. It was fun.

Then I came back here to put Eric’s gift together. When he got home he had Jack and Jill in hand

It was a pretty good movie. Not the best but good.

Then I went to the Relay Meeting for the month. We are only a couple months away now from the big 24 hour event. I’m getting excited! Sign Up!

The reasons I relay:

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