Shiprock Woods

When Eric got off work we decided to go on a hike. So I looked online at and found one about 25 minutes away.

On our way there we remembered that we tried to find this place once and we couldn’t haha so we were happy when we did.

Shiprock Woods Nature Preserve. Let me tell you this was a walk in the park workout. It was up a hill, down a hill, up a hill. but it was fun.

Harleyyy led the way… you can see him up there he looks like a little dot.

Then he followed. On our trip we found something cool!

A Geocache. There were some toys inside, a brochure, and a notebook that you are supposed to log that you found it. The papers were to wet though for us to write on them.

but I looked up the website on our ride home and now i’m a member. I can’t wait to find more haha. I guess you can use a gps but I just want to pretty much use it to find other trails.
On the way back to the car we had to cross this.

I was surprised Harleyyy went on it. Of course I made Eric go first haha. but it was stable.

Then we headed home and Harleyyy pretty much fell asleep on my lap. The hike must’ve took a lot out of him.

When we got home our Taco Soup was done in the CrockPot. YUM!

I added some crackers and some sour cream. It was a little spicy but reallyyyyy good!
I’m a fan and will have the leftovers (:

Now I gotta get ready for dodgeball.

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