Today I woke up around 9 and decided to let Eric sleep in. So I came downstairs to have coffee and cut the coupons from the Sunday paper. Then I got our shopping list ready for the store.

Eric woke up a little later and we got ready to head out. We first went to the store got everything we needed for the week. Then it was time for the best part of the day. Since it was a rainy Sunday I decided we should go to COSTCO! Oh yah… nothing is like Costco on a Sunday. We went with only one thing in mind… FREE SAMPLES… and oh did we get them.

First stop: Pretzel Chips. They were pretty good.

Then it was this… um Cheese with something around it. haha

Broccoli and Cheese. Yum.

Lobster Ravioli… this was pretty bangin.


Panko Tilapia… bangin

The best thing was this cheeseburger they put in the microwave.. we will have to get these sometime.

Turkey Bacon

Some type of chicken mixed with a sauce and ranch. It was pretty good

Then we decided to get some lunch.. haha.

I had half a slice of pizza. Delicious.

Then we went back to Giant to rent a movie and I  picked up a magazine for the gym tomorrow.

We came home and now we are relaxing before heading to work. TGIF!

Oh and not to brag or anything…

My bone is almost gone. (:

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