National Puppy Day!

Well since I was a day late with National Puppy Day I decided to celebrate today.

When Eric and I got up we went out for breakfast at a cute little coffee shop by our place. I got the greek omlette yum. Eric got the meat lovers. Then we picked up Harleyyybear and took him to PetsMart! That is always an adventure.

On the way there I took a picture of Harleyyy’s grey hairs! Gosh he is a puppy 1 year old dog and already turning grey.

Then we took a ghetto, it’s raining picture.

Then he gave me a mustache

and then we were there!

Eric’s favorite part about taking him to these places is that he has a hard time walking. He is always slipping all over the place.

Harleyyy loves it. We started by looking at the clothing but they didn’t have anything worth while.. boo. I was hoping to buy him an Easter outfit! but instead he got these:

The ball for medium sized dogs and the bone for large dogs. Eric said he got him the bone because he has a big heart…. rightttttt! I picked out the ball.

When we got home we put them in two different areas to see which one he would go to first. I’ll post the video on facebook since I can’t on here… but lets just say don’t be fooled by the video… he is currently chompin away on the one I picked out for him! (:

Now it is off to the movies to see 21 Jump Street and then its off to work!

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