In Time

Last night I had my first of the year…

Banana Cream Pie from Dairy Queen! Yum! It’s always a good time of the year when Rita’s is open and DQ is selling blizzards.

After work I started watching In Time

After an hour into it I fell asleep but not because it wasn’t good but because I was just beat and it was probably like 1:30 at that time! I finished it this afternoon though… and let me tell you it is a Must See. It was a really good movie. So since it is supposed to rain all weekend go out and rent it! Perfect weekend movie to snuggle on the couch while the rain is coming down. haha.

I went to the gym today… really wasn’t feeling it but what else is new. I did 15 on the eliptical, some machines, some ab exercises, and then 15 on the bike before packin it up and heading home.

On my way home I decided I was in the mood for a burger. Must’ve been the bright sunny weather. So I made the decision to grab Harleyyy head to sheetz and go visit Eric for lunch. (You know I am missing him when I decide to skip watching the noon news to drive out there and bring him lunch) Harleyyy was super excited though about going… and even stayed in the car this trip and didn’t jump out the window! Good Dog!

Couple of rants for the day: I am sooooo tired of seeing fog when I wake up in the morning. COME ON GIVE ME SOME LIGHT! It doesn’t make me motivated for the day AT ALL! ugh so annoying.

and I am so bummed its supposed to rain all weekend. Rain=no hikes, no picnics, no sitting on my new porch furniture, and no fun! Hopefully it holds off tomorrow until night so I can squeeze everything in that I want to do before work! Then it can rain, rain, rain, and then stop Sunday morning of course. No one likes wet Sunday Newspapers.

Yay for it being hump day and pay day! Woot Woot…

Oh another rant… today I went to Marshalls to get some pantyhose because I wanted to wear a dress to work. Well I’m putting them on and my ring gets stuck and already put a hole in it… gosh ring. gosh. okay thats all! Now i’m just going to spend 4 more hours at work and hope they go by fast! fingers crossed!

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