Baked Squash and Ricotta

As you can see your Wednesday-Friday and my Monday-Wednesday are sooooo boring! haha. It is usually the same thing everyday.

Well here we go I woke up at 8 am. Ate Breakfast:

Another Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal. Yum. Eric must even be liking them a lot because he has been taking one every morning and not forgetting like he does sometimes. haha.

I played around on the computer some looking at pinterest and my daily e-mail, groupon, living social, etc things I check. While I was doing that Harleyyy decided he wanted to sit on my lap and when he got up he left a mark:

I thought that was kinda funny. I should get it as a tattoo. If I wasn’t scared of needles haah.

Then as I waited for Grimm to get here to go for a run I picked some weeds in the front of the house. Oh yah look at me being even more homerenter like. Then it was run time. I actually did good. I’m not sure how long we ran but it was over 20 minutes. It feels good to run outside sometimes. I just don’t know why I can’t do “his” city run without dying.

When I got home it was coffee time! Probably one of my favorite parts of the day. Since I was out of my favorite blueberry coffee I decided to try an iced vanilla coffee. I tried it with my mr coffee before and after it brew it wasn’t iced coffee anymore so I was hoping using an actual Keurig now that it would work… Well I was wrong. I don’t get how you can make something that is Iced Coffee but when it brews all the ice melts. haha. Then its just like double watered down coffee. So any help from anyone? Is that how it is supposed to be or am I doing something wrong?

I decided to make the Baked Squash and Ricotta meal from the Eat Now, Eat Later event I went to.

The first thing you do is take the Squash and bake it at 375 degrees for what they said 30 minutes I did it for about 20.

While I did that I put my white sauce mixture in a pot over medium heat until it boiled.
When the squash was done you added that to the mixture and turned the burner down some.

Then it was time to add the pasta. Since mine was already cooked I just added it and mixed it around so the sauce was over it evenly. You are supposed to cook it for 10 minutes to get it hot enough and what not but since I wasn’t eating it for lunch I would have to heat it up later anyways so I didn’t leave it on long.

I did try a little bite of it though and I would not make it ever again. I’m not a big fan of white sauces when it comes to my pasta. Hopefully Eric likes it so he can eat it all (: but I will take some for dinner tonight along with some fruit for the side.

For lunch today I had a leftover Calzone.

Still as good as when I first made it! YUM! I’ll have some strawberries, blueberries, and bananas also before I head to work.

The rest of the night i’ll be at work. Answering your phone calls about lights in the sky while I listen to scanners!

Happy Tuesday!

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