Springing in with Crafts

When Eric got home he decided he was taking a nap… lame but then that gave me some time to go out and get the craft stuff I needed to turn my empty oatmeal container into somthing!

So I went to AC Moore and while getting the things I needed I also ran into this stuff:

SPRING! So I bought the flowers and some grass. Now Eric says that he doesn’t have to buy me any flowers because I’m using the only vase we have. I just told him to buy another vase! (:

Then it was the main craft event of the night.
Turning this:

Into this:

It’s pretty sweet. I got some scrapbook paper and flowers.

I don’t have what the paper says in front of me but its a cute love quote thing.
The whole thing took a lot of glue dots, double sided tapes, and blood sweat and tears…. okay maybe not that but I got aggravated a lot. The front looks nice but the back… lets just not talk about it. haha. I definitely learned some things to do different for next time.
So what do you guys think this thing was for? wait for it… wait for it…

A toilet paper holder. haha. Still its a pretty way to hold them.

This is where I put it in the bathroom… and

Here is a wider view. I like it!

Then I started making dinner. I made these calzone things. Sooo good.

and had half an apple with it. I’ll put the recipe on here tomorrow that I used for the calzones.

We even ate outside as harleyyy ran around in the grass like a maniac.

After dinner we took Harleyy for a walk by a nearby walkway I guess it is called. When we first pulled up to park in the parking lot Harleyyy jumped out of the window of my SUV! He was just too excited… Note to self: Always put him on his leash in the car or he will probably jump out while we are on the highway or something. Crazy dog. Then we came home and went to Eric’s Dodgeball games. It was playoffs, his team won the whole thing. Steph came which was nice to have some company while watching and laughing at the people yelling at each other!

Then we went out for a celebratory drink and of course a soft pretzel with honey mustard! Yum!

Stay tune for the Calzone recipe for tomorrow! (:

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