March Surprise!

Okay so I know you guys have just been dying to know what the surprise was today… Well here is another tease:

know it yet?
Eric took me to Home Depot and bought us patio furniture (: It was one of the things on my list on Sunday when we went shopping but it was kinda one of those I want it but wasn’t going to buy it that day thing. So he totally surprised me! I had no idea why we were walking through Home Depot. haha.

So when we got home Harleyyy and him put it together!

Then it was all set up! yay so cute! All I need now for the porch is well flowers… and a laying down seat for the patio. They were mad expensive though. I can picture it now. Me sitting outside on the computer, wine in hand, harleyyy running through the grass, and just taking in the sunlight!

After it was set up we had dinner:

I made the Honey Mustard Porkchops from the Eat Now, Eat Later event last week.  They were so good! I kinda overcooked them in the CrockPot because I put it on low when we went out to Home Depot when I should’ve taken them out around that time but they were still really delicious and so easy to make just pork chops and a container of light honey mustard! I also made some mashed potatoes and veggies for the side!

Then Eric took a nap and I watched the news and blogged until we had to go to dodgeball. After dodgeball we went to a new bar and it was pretty nice. I got a soft pretzel and a miller lite. Yum. Now it is off to bed! Goodnight! (:

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