It’s Not Neglect

So sorry if it seems like I have been neglecting you guys (all two readers)… that is not the case.. The past couple of days have just been really busy.

Friday I worked a double so from 11- 11:30 I produced two newscasts and I was beat by the end of the day.

When Saturday came along I woke up at like 7:30 to start moving Erics stuff in and it actually didn’t take that long. With some help moving the BIG couch from one of his friends we got everything moved over and pretty much in place and cleaned by the time I had to leave for work.

Then it was off to work and then bed.

Today I woke up and made breakfast…. well tried to. I dont know why but pancakes to me is the hardest thing in the world to make. I either don’t cook them the whole way or I burn them. Where is the medium? So when I was supposed to get 7 pancakes out of the batch I made according to the box I got 3… GREAT! haha.. Then I realized we didn’t have an syrup… EVEN BETTER. haha So I made some eggs. A dippy for me and two scrambled with cheese for Eric. So… does anyone have any tips on how to make pancakes? lol

Then after breakfast it was coupon time and out the door we went to Walmart, Giant, and Play It Again Sports. I got a lot of stuff for the house that I wanted to get and then we got some food for the house . Then we came back and started putting stuff away. I took some pictures of the living room and kitchen:

We now have Eric’s Huge Love seat.. which I guess is Harleyyys couch.

This is the bigger couch… which is mine… (I let Eric borrow it sometimes) See Harleyyys picture hanging in the background. (:

Heres the third couch in the place.. (Erics) I’m not sure if i’m gonna keep there or not yet.. I mean really do each of us need a couch? I don’t think so. haha.

We now have a table in the kitchen. Eric said hes gonna buy me a pub style one like i’ve been wanting for awhile to put in here.. but until then this will do. Once we get that I can find a better position for that thing holding wine/paper towels in the background.

and look we got a NEW micorwave… oh its the little things.

I’ll have more pictures as we get things finished in the house.
and don’t worry tomorrow I will be bringing back the posts. Maybe you guys will even get three again in one day (:


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