Arm Workout

Well I failed you all with What I ate Wednesday but maybe ill do a What I ate Thursday. HA!

Today I woke up early 7:30 am early and headed to the gym. I did 40 minutes on the eliptical while reading the Fitness Magazine I picked up at the store the other day. Then I did a quick arm workout that looked something like this:

1. Bicep Curls. I do 20 reps x 3. That way it is 10 reps each hand. I did that with only 5 lbs. Around Christmas time I was all about strength training but now I’ve kinda switched gears and started doing less weight, more reps.

2. Overhead Press. I do 15 reps x 3 of these. Its simple but you really start to feel the burn after awhile. I do these exercieses without a break until I really feel it. So I would do one set of the Bicep Curls then one set of this, then another set of Bicep, etc.

3. Then I moved to Obliques. This is probably one of my favorite workouts. Sometimes I put weights in both of my hands and sometimes I only do it with one. You just move back and forth like a penguine without moving the bottom half of your body and let me tell you… you will feel this workout the next day and if you don’t move up in weight. This will get rid of love handles in no time.

4. Chest Press. This one is fun. You get to lay down haha but it still is a workout I do 15 rep x 3 for this one.

5. and the last one I did was the Tricep Extension. I like this one but sometimes I feel myself bending my back a lot which I don’t think you are supposed to do so I lower my weight and focus on the fundamentals.

That was it. My whole workout in a nut shell. I usually do arms 2-3 times a week. These are usually my go to arm workouts, I should really change it up a bit. Do you guys have any arm workouts?

I have one funny thing to talk about today. It was one of my coworkers birthday so they decided to get McDonalds Happy Meals for everyone. (That is her favorite) It was funny because when you open them you get this:

The smallest pack of McDonalds french fries you will ever see. It’s only 100 calories. and It fits like 10 fries in it. This was the first time that I have seen a Happy Meal since the new rules went into affect that they have apples and a smaller portion of fries in every meal. It was cute and I’m keeping the little thing forever. That pot looks like a tree next to it.

Well thats my ramble for the day! Hope everybody is enjoying hump day while I’m enjoying my Monday!

Today is also a day I will never forget:

Miss you everyday! ❤

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