A Beautiful Day for a Hike!

When your house says this:

and that number there is more than what you had your heat set to the past two months you know its the perfect day for a HIKE! (especially in the winter time)

Eric, Harleyyy, and I headed to a nearby park that has a whole bunch of different hiking areas… there is no way you can do the same one twice.

always has to be goofy.

Okay there we go….
We put this guy as the leader:

He sniffed his way around. It’s funny to think about the first time the three of us went on a hike. Harleyyy was so small. Now he is pretty much a pro. He would’ve never been able to do this:

or…. fetch this:

Oh wait.. he still can’t do that.. Come on now Eric what are you thinking. haha.
But he has learned one other thing:

How to walk daddy. Harleyyy will walk like that for actually a few minute surprisingly.

Another area we found on the walk was this:

It is always fun when we find a river/lake/etc.

Harleyyy actually went down there first… Eric and I followed.
and now to end the post on the best picture of the day…

harleyyy approved.

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One Response to A Beautiful Day for a Hike!

  1. Aunt Tam says:

    The pictures are great! Looks like a FUN time and what a beautiful day! 🙂

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