Yesterday I woke up pretty early for the time I went to bed Saturday morning. I headed to the gym for a quick workout while reading Family Circle. Then I came home and got ready as Eric made breakfast… (gotta keep him around for some reasons :P) Then we were on our way to PAWSABILITIES!

I got a press release at work on this months ago and I put it on my calendar for something to do if Eric didn’t have to work on Saturdays and I’m happy I did. It was such a cute little event for Harleyyybear and us.

When we first got to the PA Farm Show Center we paid the admission that all went to the Susquehanna Service Dogs… Which after seeing everything they do it should definitely be a charity I keep it mind.

We started walking around looking at everything we can do

Harleyyy met this cute little Rottie pup. He was so adorable.
During our trip around we looked at vendors but surprisingly didn’t buy anything from any of them. I did want to buy this thing you put around your body and it can hold Harleyyy inside haha. how cute would that be but it was really expensive.

The one thing that caught our eye when we got there was this area to see if your dog could be an agility dog. Which was kinda funny cause on the way up there I said to Eric we should check out agility classes to see if Harleyyy could do it since he has so much energy and can jump… Well lets just say it was a good thing we checked things out first instead of signing him up.

As you can see Eric was doing more of the obstacle course then Harleyyy lol. 

and Harleyy didn’t want anything to do with the last little thing… so hey lets just bypass it. haha. but at this point he saw mommy so he probably didn’t even care about anything else 😛 We ran into Michelle and Trey at this time. It was nice to see them. Then we walked around some more

They had the service dogs there doing such cool tricks.
They would run.. jumping over each one of those obstacles and would grab a ball at the end and bring it back to the other end. The service dogs are so good!

They also had this obstacle course that we could put Harleyyy through.. but after the first one we were like no way. The dogs had to do each thing in the fastest time. I think the fastest was 38 seconds or something crazy. The one in the middle with the hula hoop on the ground.. there was a box around it… and you had to get your dog to sit in the circle without you going in the box… (yah that would’ve never happened)

They also had Dog Olympics. Every half an hour they had something new. One of the activities was who could clear their plate the fastest. We didn’t sign Harleyyy up for any of these but I’m sure he could’ve won the dress your dog one. (:

Then we signed Harleyyy up for the cutest dog contest. (He was the last competitor that could enlist since they were only signing 50 dogs up for it)

Harleyyy was ready for the stage! He wanted to show off and win! Go #113!

Here he is on stage struttin his stuff! So adorable.
There were all types of dogs in it. I didn’t get a picture of the winner but I did get one of this big guy:

he was huge. She said that he weights 160 pounds… could you picture that laying on you! NO WAY!
Well Harleyyy didn’t win but lets just say he tied for 7th! (: He is still number one in my heart though! So he is still a winner.

There was one last thing we wanted to do before leaving so I could go to work:

Hehehe. I’m surprised Harleyy sat pretty well on my lap while the guy drew this picture. We are going to get it framed and hang it up somewhere! Cause he is just too darn cute.

Overall it was a great afternoon and I’m glad we went and did it. I can’t wait for next year!

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One Response to PawsAbilities

  1. Aunt Tam says:

    Ok, Let’s be honest…you keep Eric around for more things then making your making your breakfast. You keep him around for things such as taking Harleyyy places like this. So HE can take him through obstacle courses and HE can walk him across stages for the cutest dog competitions. Come on now! Let’s be honest as to why you really keep Eric around! I’m surprised you didn’t make Harleyyy sit on Eric’s lap while the guy drew his picture! LOL!
    Sounds like a fun day and 7th place wasn’t to shabby! I agree, he should have been number 1 🙂

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