A Day in the Park

I’ll pick up where I left off…

I didn’t feel like cooking after I got ready for the day… so we ordered a stromboli. yum. Eric is always raving about how Cibos has the “best” stromboli so I figured I’d give it a try…

1. It was huge which was good. This is only a 3rd of it…
2. I would say it was good but not the BEST! I’m a huge fan of 915’s Strombolis I think they are the best I have had since Papa Dinos. (<– now they are the best… DUH!)

So after we ate we decided to go to the park… It was pretty chilly so i figured i would put Harleyyy in a coat or sweater or something.. don’t need him to get a cold… but then realized pretty much everything he owns doesn’t fit! Which isn’t good.. so 1. I have to get another dog or 2. I guess I need to pack them up and give them to goodwill (I’m sure theres a dog in need of clothes somewhere out there) So I put on his HarleyyyDavidson Rain coat… even though it wasn’t raining but he was still cute and I figured something is better than nothing.

So then we all needed a picture with Harleyyy..

PS: this is the first hood that would fit on his head… So of course we had to put it up!

We finally got to the park.. Where Harleyyy has been before but he probably doesn’t remember… haha. Here are some pictures of our walk:

He is usually so scared of water but he saw the ducks in it today!

Then Eric was teaching him bad things.. like…. how to climb a tree.

Haha.. then they needed a little break

I like how you can see the writing on the tree… I guess since I started this blog I will need to get a new camera instead of using my iphone lol.

Then we let Harleyyy off the leash and threw his favorite ball.. or stick… with him.

I’m trying to figure out how to add the video… So i’m not sure if that even worked. but its uploaded on my fbook wall and is HILARIOUS. He wouldn’t stop doing that all day! He is so ridiculous.. forget the ball… I just want to carry around the stick!

Then we came home and were off again to Erics Dodgeball games. You would think these men were playing for their lives and not just a shirt for how much they argue. If you get hit with the ball just go out.. no reason to lie when its for a t-shirt that says you won.

Then we came home and Eric tried one of my Apple Pie Cupcakes.

Lets just say he loved it.
Then it was off to bed.


Today my alarm went off at 7 am… but then of course I fell back asleep until 7:30.
Hit the gym fast. I ran on the elliptical for 20 minutes… then did free weight arms for 20 minutes… one day ill put my arm workout up here but this post is already getting super long.

Sometimes I feel bad when I only go to the gym for 40 minutes… I don’t know why an hour in my mind is the minimum but some days you just have to do it and I have to look at it as at least I got up and went. I always feel better when I do.

Then I came home and started dinner. Crockpot Chicken Nuggets. I’ll share the recipe tonight when I’ll do What I ate Wednesdays.

Which I mean come on now that’s what I do everyday.. haha. but I see it on other blogs so I’ll do the same.

One Last Note: I also had a meeting today at work.. which kinda cut my day in half but whatever. We are getting NEW graphics. They are soooooooooo cool. They debut next Tuesday at Noon. So make sure you watch. New set. New Graphics. Not like we aren’t already the top station. 🙂

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